The Reconstruction Council was prepared in an expeditious manner and a committee was formed to review it

  • 17-10-2020, 12:15
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     A source in the Cabinet confirmed today, Saturday, that the Construction Council Law was prepared in an urgent manner, and a committee was formed to review it.

     The source told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The government is interested in this project, and considers it an important step towards the reconstruction of Iraq, but believes that the law has been prepared in an expeditious manner, and there are some gaps in it," pointing out that "the government has formed a committee to review the law that includes legal experts."  And experts in reconstruction issues, and the name of the law has been changed to be the Reconstruction and Investment Council. "

     The resigned government voted in September of last year on the Reconstruction Council bill for the purpose of presenting it to the House of Representatives, as the draft law was jointly prepared between the two presidencies of the Republic and the ministers, with the benefit of the advice of many experts and competencies.