Salah El-Din Operations denies detaining workers in the BaytiInvestment project

  • 15-10-2020, 12:43
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    Salah El-Din - INA

    Salah El-Din Operations denied that the workers in BaytiInvestment Project were detained in Tikrit.

    The commander of operations, Major General Abdul Mohsen Hatem, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday: "The talk about an unknown force storming my residential project for investment in Tikrit and detaining its workers is unfounded."

    He added that the National Security Agency in the governorate came to audit the workers and employees of the company working on the project. Being from outside Salah El -Din governorate and without any detention process, "calling on the media to be careful in reporting news from their official sources."

    He pointed out that "the security forces provide full protection for companies operating in the province."

    The head of my home project, Hardan Nouri Al-Handal, had confirmed earlier that an unknown force, heavily armed with civilian clothes and face veils, raided my residential project and detained the workers from eleven in the evening until three in the morning, indicating that the unknown force had beaten the engineers And workers after they were detained and withdraw their phones.

    For his part, the head of the Salah El-Din Investment Authority, Laith Khalaf Hamid, affirmed that "the situation is under control and the news was not accurately required, calling on investors to return to work."