Al-Hindawi: Preparations to hold the elections as scheduled

  • 12-10-2020, 18:46
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    INA - Baghdad

    Prime Minister Advisor for Elections Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Hindawi, confirmed that Al-Kadhimi directed the ministries to respond to the requests and correspondence of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) quickly and within a period not exceeding three days, indicating that the government is making preparations for the elections to be held on time.

    "The Parliament must expedite sending the tables for the electoral districts, and the government is working on four to five fronts continuing in this area and there is seriousness in the matter," Al-Hindawi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    "From the security side, there is the security committee and its work continues, and there is also the committee related to the issue of assisting the commission in expediting (Pyrometric) registration, which was agreed upon during the meeting attended by the Minister of Communications, in addition to several bodies, including the Media Network and the Media and Communications Commission," He added.

    Al-Hindawi pointed out, "Restoring the relationship with the Spanish company Andra, which is in charge of preparing the electoral ID cards, and the company has a contract with the commission to complete the electronic cards, as 16 million cards have been completed so far and only 10 million or less are left, and work is ongoing to complete them,"

    He explained, "Cooperation with the United Nations continues to promote the international path, and the United Nations is interested in this matter in terms of quantity and quality, and there is cooperation between the United Nations and international experts on the issue of testing devices and all electronic software related to expediting the transmission of results and ensuring protection from any breaches,"

    "There is nothing that affects the conduct of the elections on time, and the important thing is to focus on the districts where it was previously 18 and now 83 and the commission is concerned with determining the electoral tables for each district,"