The establishment of industrial cities introduction to the end of the rentier economy

  • 2-10-2020, 10:27
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    Baghdad - INA - Ali Jassim 


     The current government and since the announcement of its ministerial curriculum on multiple income sources, maximizing state imports away from the monopoly of the oil, which has accused of decades on economic The confirmation of the Minister of Industry and Minerals of Aziz Al-Khabraz, for the government's interest in industrial projects and its efforts to establish industrial cities refer to this real, and the government, despite the short time of time, as well as multiple constraints and health crises and somewards The opening of the factories, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, opened the opening of seven vital plants within a short, medium and long-term plan, resulting in the opening of the plant for the production of the medical oxygen gas since 2003 as well as the opening of two new two lines of production (Poly Ethiene) The Ministry pointed out that "the number of industrial projects operating until April 2019 amounted to 2248 industrial projects, and the number of industrial projects are full of fundamentalism, which has reached 20415 industrial projects, while (1816) The Ministry explained that it was "beginning the implementation of government program axes for years (2019-2022) and was able to achieve different activities and achievements within the period of the day," he said, adding that "the most important achievement is to have supportive and encouraging decisions of the national industry