Al-Hindawi: Al-Kadhimi ordered to provide all allocations and needs of Electoral Commission

  • 14-09-2020, 16:54
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    INA - Baghdad

    Prime Minister’s Adviser for Elections Affairs, Hussain al-Hindawi, praised the Supreme Religious Authority’s - Marja' call to hold early elections as scheduled in the middle of next year, blaming Parliament for the delay in adopting the new elections law.

    In a statement to Iraqi News Agency (INA), Al-Hindawi stressed the exceptional importance of affirming the religious authority represented by Ali al-Sistani that the parliamentary elections are of great importance that requires the provision of the necessary conditions that give their results a high degree of credibility to encourage citizens to widely participate in them,"

    Al-Hindawi announced that "PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi issued the order of providing the necessary financial allocations and all the needs of the Electoral Commission to succeed in holding free and fair elections on June 6th of next year,"

    He considered Marja’ affirmation of the necessity that elections take place according to a just and equitable law, far from the personal, partisan or regional whims and interests of some political blocs and parties, is to “strengthens the confidence of the Iraqi people and the international community in the current political process and the constitution, while its call to restrict weapons in the hands of the state represents an explicit warning against repeating the mistakes and serious violations witnessed in most of the previous elections, especially the last,"