A judicial report reveals the methods of criminal gangs

  • 8-09-2020, 11:28
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    Baghdad - INA

    A judicial report revealed today, Tuesday, the methods used by criminal gangs to carry out their operations.

    The report, which the Iraqi News Agency (INA) meets, indicated that "criminals are assuming roles of different personalities as if they are in a serious drama with the aim of hunting their victims through financial blackmail. Some of them also gain influence through their false identities for a long time before this drama is revealed. This is the crime of impersonation that they  barely fades until it splits with other personalities and actors, according to a report issued by the Supreme Judicial Council.

    The report added, "Despite the judicial and security efforts made to curb this phenomenon, there is still a long way to go in front of combating this crime, which has begun to increase and diversify, especially as it depends on the intellectual level of the victim and the extent of his coercion and awareness."

    Al-Karkh Investigation Court Judge Muhammad Yusef Sharrad says, "There are many cases related to impersonation before us, and criminals assume various traits and personalities, and most often they impersonate the security characteristics of important figures in the state in the ministries of defense, interior, national security agencies, intelligence and even at the level of the presidential advisory. And the Presidency of the Minister, "pointing out that" a case was received concerning impersonation of the official spokesman of the Prime Minister, and it was referred to the Criminal Court.

    Sharrad added, "Some of the perpetrators carry forged bags of recipes in the state and of well-known personalities, and he continues to work with them for long periods before they are caught by the security forces."

    He continued, "Often the motive behind impersonation is financial gain through fraud." The perpetrator claims, for example, that he works in the prime minister's office and has the ability to provide a job opportunity for the victim or enable him to obtain an opportunity to contract with a large company for the purpose of obtaining Abundant financial profits, so the victim is deluded by accompanying the victim near the gate of the Green Zone, and talking with him side conversations that have nothing to do with the agreed upon work issue until the victim falls into his window by convincing him that the job opportunity is guaranteed and certain. "