MOJ: We will separate prisoners of terrorist crimes from other convicts

  • 3-09-2020, 08:25
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    Justice Minister Judge Salar Abdul Sattar stated that the problem of overcrowding in prisons will be solved during the next few months, indicating that prisoners of terrorist crimes will be separated from other crimes in order to avoid any mixing between them.

    Abdul Sattar explained, in an interview with Al-Sabah, that all prisons suffer from overcrowding, indicating that Abu Ghraib and Hilla prisons are undergoing rehabilitation in order to solve the problem of overcrowding in them, and this problem will end within the next few months with the opening of some prisons.

    The High Commission for Human Rights had stated last April that the number of prisoners had reached about 35 thousand prisoners.

    A member of the commission, Zaidan Khalaf Al-Atwani, said in a previous interview with Al-Sabah: The number of prisoners ranged between 33-35 thousand according to the exit and deposit lists, indicating that the prison infrastructure is designed to contain approximately 10 thousand prisoners, which called The Ministry of Justice to rehabilitate some prisons in Baghdad and the provinces.