The Presidency of the Republic reveals the most prominent files of Macron's visit

  • 1-09-2020, 13:31
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     Baghdad - INA

    Today, Tuesday, the Presidency of the Republic revealed the files of French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Iraq.

    The head of the Presidency Council of Advisors, Ali Al-Shukry, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "President Macron's visit to Baghdad tomorrow, Wednesday, will focus on strengthening cooperation between Iraq and France, especially as Paris looks forward to cooperation with Iraq as a fully sovereign country." Pointing out that "France will work to strengthen the foundations of cooperation in the economic, cultural and security fields."He added, "France will support all official efforts calling for strengthening Iraqi sovereignty and dealing with Iraq as a fully sovereign state."

    Al-Shukry pointed out that "France has important activities in support of Iraq's efforts to fight Daesh gangs, especially that a few days ago was a visit by the French Minister of Armies," in which she confirmed that she would work with all efforts to support and strengthen the security capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces, specifically in the field of training, "indicating that France has a role in fighting Daesh. "

    And that "Iraq looks forward to strengthening and sustaining cooperation with France and developing it into other areas."