Al-Atta: The launch of projects depends on financial allocations

  • 28-08-2020, 11:35
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    Baghdad - INA


     The Governor of Baghdad, Muhammad Jaber Al-Atta, confirmed that the launch of projects depends on financial allocations, while noting that there are projects that have stopped due to lack of financial balance.

     Al-Atta said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "There is a difference between the stalled projects, which have a problem, and their contract has been canceled and the projects that have been suspended due to lack of financial balance," noting that "the stalled or delayed projects will be launched again whenever they are established."  The state provides its own funds. "

     He explained that "the delayed projects are not large, and they have been stopped and terminated due to problems with the implementing agencies and according to Resolution (347) of 2014," indicating that "the projects are linked to the state, and there is a tendency to accomplish them and not to stop them, but this matter depends on money, and when the wheel of the state works, it will return."  Work on those projects. " 


    Moving projects

    Al-Atta added that "Iraq is now going through financial hardship since the beginning of this year due to the lack of approval of the budget, but there are procedures to move projects through advances," noting that "any project that continued for a certain percentage, funds are allocated to it through studying the project with the Ministry of Planning."  .

     He continued, "Baghdad governorate has large projects such as hospitals, water and sewage projects," noting that "many areas have witnessed stages of work on water and sewage projects, as well as school building projects that are still going on."

     Al-Atta pointed out that "there are many other projects that are still working, whether at the health, educational, or street cladding levels," stressing that "the governorate has many shops that have entered service and have been eliminated, which have been focused on during this year."



     Facing Corona


     With regard to confronting the Corona virus, Al-Atta said: "The death rate confirms that there is control over the virus, and the governorate supports the efforts of health authorities to confront the virus, by opening many hospitals on the Karkh and Rusafa sides."

     He added that "there are hospitals ready to open, such as the Martyr Dari Hospital, which has a capacity of (350) beds, in addition to adding 500 beds at the Baghdad International Fair, and it is scheduled to reach a thousand beds," adding that "there are also express field hospitals, which have become a hospital."  Ibn al-Qaf, the Shifa and al-Attaa Hospital, and the Ibn al-Khatib and Ibn Zahr Hospital.

     Al-Atta stated that "the procedures for dealing with Corona have begun to become personal preventive measures, and the citizen bears part of the responsibility in these preventive measures," indicating that "all matters are now on the table, including lifting the curfew and for working hours to become complete."