Rikabi makes two recommendations related to foreign labor and to support the Welfare Fund

  • 15-08-2020, 14:00
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     The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Adel Al-Rikabi, confirmed that the ministry bears many matters that concern itself with it, and as a result of the economic and financial conditions and mismanagement there is a large segment of the poor in society.

     The minister said in a lecture he gave at the Al-Rafidain Center for Dialogue, in Najaf, attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The high unemployment rates in the provinces and the lack of a clear identity for the Iraqi economy, is it (socialist or capitalist).

     Al-Rikabi added that "one of the problems that affected the national workforce is the entry of foreign workers in many fields, in addition to the problem of lack of qualification and re-employment for factories that have stopped, as they may contribute to creating job opportunities for the unemployed."