BPA: Initiate an inventory of chemical containers for storage away from residential areas

  • 7-08-2020, 12:14
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Friday, the Border Ports Authority announced the direct inventory of containers with chemicals to be stored away from residential areas.

     The head of the authority, Dr. Omar Al-Waeli, said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "In implementation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi's directive to form a committee for every border crossing, whether on land or by air or sea freight, to follow up the issue of isolating containers with chemicals from residential areas,  And storing them away from citizens, a committee headed by the Border Ports Authority and the membership of all the security departments concerned and working in this matter proceeded to inventory these containers and the materials in them.

     Al-Waeli added that "Cabinet Resolution No. 403 of 2019 stipulates that all relevant departments in the General Authority of Customs and the General Company for Iraqi Ports, each according to its competence, withdraw the accumulated and seized materials inside the border outlets, which are imported from various ministries and bodies."  That, "because customs procedures were not met or because of irregularities in the transactions of these materials and shipments, which led to the accumulation of some of them in some outlets, but not all."