Salih: The Twentieth Revolution is an inspiration in lessons and the consolidation of the values ​​of patriotism

  • 30-06-2020, 11:30
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    Baghdad - INA

     The President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih, affirmed today, Tuesday, that the twentieth revolution was and still is its memory, a source of inspiration for the Iraqi people in the lessons and lessons that the Iraqis regain, so as to instil in them the true values ​​of patriotism.

     On the occasion of the centenary of the twentieth revolution, the President of the Republic said, according to a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Today we celebrate the centenary of the revolution and we regret in this moment the pride of the sacrifices of the righteous martyrs, and what the founding founders presented, and the values ​​and roles established by the scientific, cultural, religious and social elites that are still alive.  In the conscience of their people and their ancient national history. "

     He pointed out that "the celebration of the centenary is a celebration of a hundred years of modern Iraq with its long and intertwined history, with its accomplishments and influential role at home and at the level of the region, and its failures together, as there are unfortunately also tyranny, violence, extermination, discrimination, corruption and wars."