Karbala .. a large demand for national gas systems

  • 25-06-2020, 12:18
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    holy Karbala - INA


     The General Company for Gas Filling and Services in Holy Karbala announced that it has achieved high achievement rates in the installation of gas systems for cars in the province.

     The director of the company, Eng. Abbas Abdul Amir, revealed in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, "The high levels of turnout among citizens to add the gas system for cars to run on gas fuel in addition to gasoline, as the registration schedule for this service extends sequentially until next September."  And stressing that "the value of adding the gas system to civil cars amounts to 500 thousand dinars, including all services and maintenance for a year for free."

     He pointed out that "the company uses the national gas, not the importer, and the established system is from solid global origins", noting that the gas fuel is cheap and economically feasible and is environmentally friendly due to the lack of carbon waste in it, where the price of one liter (200) dinars is according to a scale  The quality of fuel is of higher octane than the improved gasoline octane, the price of which is one liter per liter (850) dinars.