The Minister of Health supervises the preparation of the medical supplies for the affected cases

  • 12-06-2020, 14:35
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     Today, Friday, the Minister of Health and Environment, Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, supervised in the field the preparation and equipping of centers for isolating those infected with the Coronavirus.

     Al-Tamimi stressed, according to a statement of the Ministry of Health, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "the ministry has invested in the Baghdad International Fair to accommodate those infected with Corona virus, in order to reduce the momentum on public hospitals and continue to provide services to the rest of the patients and provide fluidity by receiving suspected cases and in coordination with the Aqiq Charitable Foundation."  He pointed out that "medical centers in the Baghdad fair will be ready during the next week, as the halls will be equipped with all the medical supplies and the setting up of a laboratory specializing in corona examinations and specialized radiology units while providing housing for health staff that will work in this place."