Insistence on quotas impedes the completion of the Al-Kadhmi cabinet

  • 25-05-2020, 11:59
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    Baghdad-INA - Nassar Al-Hajj


     Member of Parliament Hussein Al-Asadi warned of pressure exerted by political blocs to impose names for the vacant ministries according to the principle of quotas.

    Al-Asadi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) today, Monday: "The discussions regarding the completion of the seven vacant ministries are still continuing," adding that "the scene is complex and needs to be agreed that would pass the new names in light of some parties' adherence to specific candidates."


     He added, "The quota in the coming period will be more severe, because the political blocs that did not get their share from the ministries will direct their attention to independent bodies, agencies, positions of managers and ambassadors."


     Five ministries remained that were not voted on by members of the House of Representatives (trade, agriculture, immigration, the displaced, justice and culture), while voting on the candidates for the foreign and oil ministries was postponed.