PM Al-Kadhemi makes a phone call with Iran vice president

  • 21-05-2020, 16:27
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     INA - Baghdad

    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi received, on Thursday, a phone call from the Iranian Vice President, Eshaq Jahangiri, congratulating him on assuming the position and obtaining the confidence of the Parliament.

    The media office of the Prime Minister stated in a statement received by Iraqi News Agency (INA), that Al-Kadhemi discussed with the Iranian Jahangiri, the economic crisis and low oil prices, as well as activating the joint ministerial committee and re-meeting after the epidemic, in addition to enhancing the level of economic relations, trade exchange and cooperation between the private sector of the two countries.

    "Al-Kadhemi thanked the Iranian Vice President, stressing that he will work very hard to prevent the emergence of new causes of tension in the region that add to the forestry of the situation resulting from the epidemic and the economic crisis, and he looks forward to meeting Jahangiri soon in Baghdad or Tehran, conveying his greetings to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his congratulations on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

    The statement pointed out that Jahangiri confirmed his country's desire to strengthen relations and address points of disagreement, and means to support Iraq to take a strong role in the region based on the cohesion of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, expressing Iran's readiness to enhance cooperation between the health ministries of the two countries to fight Corona pandemic.