Health: 57 new cases tested positive for COVID-19

  • 19-05-2020, 17:17
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     INA - Baghdad

    Ministry of Health and Environment announced on Tuesday, that 57 new cases tested positive for COVID-19 in 7 provinces.

    "4441 were tested in all the specialized laboratories in Iraq for this day, and thus the total sum of the tests since the beginning of the pandemic in Iraq is 157662," included a statement by the ministry received by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    The cases were recorded according to the following numbers, Baghdad / Rusafa: 26, Baghdad / Karkh: 20, Medical City: 5, Basra: 4, Najaf: 1, and Sulaymaniyah: 1.

    The total sum of recoveries cases is 56 according to the following numbers Baghdad / Karkh: 32, Medical City: 6, Basra: 5, Saladin: 2, Karbala: 7, Dhi Qar: 2, Missan: 1, and Anbar: 1.

    The statement also included it recorded 4 death cases, One in Baghdad / Al-Karkh, two in the Medical City, and one in Karbala.

    The total number of of the positive cases so far are 3,611; 2366 were recovered, 1114 are under treatment and 131 are the death cases.