Brent crude price exceeds 35 dollars

  • 18-05-2020, 16:58
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    INA - Baghdad 

     According to press data, today, Monday, the price of Brent crude oil exceeded the barrier of $ 35 a barrel for the first time since April.

     The data indicated that the price of Brent oil futures for the month of July increased by 7.75% to $ 35.02 a barrel.

     The cost of futures contracts for Texas Intermediate crude oil for the month of July increased by 9.52% to reach $ 32.33 a barrel.

     Whereas, West Texas Intermediate crude contracts that expire on May 19 increased by 10.67% to $ 32.57.

     Oil prices witnessed a historical decline, last month, and at some point, US crude fell to the negative range, and Brent crude fell to nearly $ 20 a barrel, its lowest level since 2002.