PM Advisor: Chinese agreement will be linked to the Reconstruction Council

  • 5-05-2020, 13:19
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    INA - Baghdad - Karrar Khalil

    PM Financial Advisor, Mudhhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed the continuation of the agreement with China, while pointing out being linked to the Construction Council.

    "The Chinese agreement extends for 20 years, indicating that the revenues of the 100,000 barrels allocated to the mutual fund, do not allow large investments," Salih said to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He added that "the agreement with China is ongoing and is continuing in the field of infrastructure and will be linked to the establishment of the next reconstruction council, which will have independent resources of the budget,"

    “The improvement of oil prices will re-implement the Chinese agreement correctly and the Chinese side will participate correctly with the possibility of converting it into corporate contracts," included Salih.