Crisis Cell in Basra: Borders with Iran and Kuwait still closed

  • 3-05-2020, 15:55
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    INA - Basra - Saba Sami

    Crisis Cell in Basra confirmed on Sunday, that the border crossings with Iran and Kuwait are still closed.

    “The Iraqi border crossings with the countries of (Iran and Kuwait) will remain completely closed and until further notice to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus in Basra and there is no crossing for any of the goods either (Foodstuffs or goods traded on the market) through the border crossings where the borders were completely closed,” said the security spokesman for the Crisis Cell in Basra, Brigadier General Bassem Ghanem Al-Maliki, to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He added, "As for the Iraqi ports, such as Umm Qasr port, they were opened to the movement of trucks and vehicles loaded with foodstuffs, which are definitely being examined by the concerned authorities before entering the port to ensure that they are free of the Corona virus,"