MOO: June revenues exceeds $6 billions

  • 2-07-2019, 13:21
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    Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced, on Tuesday, that total of exports and revenues for the last June, according to the initial statistic released by State Organization for Marketing of Oil(Somo), included that the amount of crude oil exports reached (105, 603, 107) million barrel, while the revenues amounted to more than $ 6,397,172,000 billion.

    Spokesman for the Ministry, Assim Jihad, said in a statement, INA received a copy of, that the total of crude oil exported amounts for the last June from middle and south Iraq oil fields, reached (101,705,000) barrel, while the amounts exported from Kirkuk oil fields via Ceyhan port,had reached to (3,162,559) barrel, and exported amounts fromQayyara Oil fieldreached (735,548) barrel.