Joint Ops: Cooperation with NATO in advisory and training missions is important

  • 21-05-2024, 17:15
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    Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Qais al-Muhammadawi, stressed on Tuesday, the importance of cooperation between Iraq and NATO in advisory and training missions.

    “Al-Muhammadawi received the former NATO mission commander, Lieutenant General Jose Antonio Aguero, on the occasion of the end of his work duties in Iraq, appreciating his efforts,according to a statement by the Joint Ops Command, received by the Iraqi News Agency INA.

    The meeting was attended by the new Commander of NATO forces in Iraq, Lieutenant General Luclos Schweres, and his accompanying delegation, as Lieutenant General Al-Muhammadawi "wished him success in his new mission in Iraq."

    "They discussed the efforts made by the NATO mission in Iraq in providing training and advice to our security forces,included in the statement.

    The Deputy Commander of Joint Ops stressed "the ability of the security units to manage the security file and the importance of cooperation in advisory and training tasks to build and enhance the capabilities of the various security forces, especially the Iraqi army, to confront challenges and keep pace with scientific and technological development."

    "The Joint Ops Command is very keen to achieve the vision and goals of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to implement the government program in building the Iraqi armed forces, in cooperation and joint work with the ministries and leadership to achieve the required goals," added the statement.