MOE announces the completion of all requirements for importing gas from Turkmenistan

  • 20-01-2024, 19:48
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Electricity announced today, Saturday, control of the national system despite the scarcity of supplied gas, while indicating the completion of all requirements regarding the import of Turkmenistan gas, confirming the holding of meetings with the Iranian side, which will transport the gas through its pipelines.

    Ministry spokesman Ahmed Musa told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The national system suffers from a scarcity of supplied gas, as the system needs 50 million cubic meters, but the current payment to Iraq is 10 million cubic meters,” indicating that “ This led to the system losing 4,000 megawatts, which affected processing hours.”.

    He stressed, "The reason for the gas scarcity is due to maintenance work on the pipelines transporting gas inside the Islamic Republic of Iran, which continues until the first week of February and the required quantities are pumped again," pointing out that "the gas scarcity has limited the loads of some of our stations.".

    Regarding Turkmenistan gas, Moussa stressed that “all the requirements and matters that were agreed upon have been accomplished,” pointing out that “the issue needs to be discussed with the Iranian side because Turkmenistan gas will be supplied through Iranian pipelines to Iraq, and this calls for a number of meetings and negotiations with the Iranian side to reach an agreement.
    He stated, "Negotiations and meetings with the Iranian side are ongoing."