Slovakia Fortifies Border with Hungary Amid Rising Migrant Tide

  • 31-10-2023, 09:03
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    In a decisive move, the Slovak government has announced an unprecedented deployment of police and armed forces along its border with Hungary. This strategic decision, according to Prime Minister Robert Fico, is aimed at curbing the rising tide of migrants into the country. The massive operation, expected to commence on Monday, underscores the government’s commitment to control illegal migration, a challenge that has escalated dramatically over the past year.

    The Migrant Crisis and the Slovak Response

    Since the onset of the year, Slovakia has witnessed an eleven-fold increase in the number of migrants entering its territory. Nearly 40,000 migrants have been registered up until October 1, a stark contrast to the previous year’s figures. Predominantly used as a transit route by migrants venturing towards Western Europe, the country is grappling with a crisis that is reshaping its national security contours.
    Source- bnn