Al-Sudani Takes Immediate Action in Response to Tragic Fire Incident in Al-Hamdaniya

  • 27-09-2023, 12:16
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    INA-  Baghdad

    Media Office of the Prime Minister stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency INA that "Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani has instructed all government bodies, including ministries, governorates, and state institutions, to promptly implement necessary actions in response to the tragic fire at a wedding hall in Al-Hamdaniya district (Bakhdida) in Nineveh Governorate."

    The statement added that Al-Sudani issued a number directives which included "The Ministers of Interior and Health are to be present at the accident site to offer immediate aid to the injured, oversee rescue efforts, and provide assistance.

    The prime minister directed "The relevant health authorities are tasked with treating the injured individuals with the highest level of care, addressing their medical treatment needs both within and outside Iraq, as necessary.

    He also directed that "An investigative committee will be established promptly to investigate and elucidate the accident's circumstances, pinpoint the causes, and identify any areas of negligence."

    PM Al-Sudani ordered that "The relevant authorities will provide an accurate list of the victims and their families, ensuring their legal rights are protected and providing them with appropriate financial compensation."

    He also ordered "A three-day period of nationwide mourning will be observed in all state institutions, expressing condolences to the victims and extending sympathy to their families and loved ones."

    He also issued a directive stipulating that "Inspections of buildings and verification of safety procedures will be conducted by all ministries and governorates, with the relevant authorities held accountable for any negligence," confirming that "The Civil Defense Directorate, along with its branches across governorates, will continue its existing protocols for on-site inspections and structural safety. There will be intensified periodic inspections of significant structures, including malls, restaurants, event halls, and hotels. These inspections will ensure that safety measures are followed, identify potential risks, provide guidance for their mitigation, and identify any non-compliant buildings."

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