Iraqi-Moroccan committee is to discuss a set of files, including entry visas

  • 29-01-2023, 13:35
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    INA-  Baghdad

    Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein discussed with his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita the operation of flights between the two countries, facilitating the granting of entry visas, raising the level of cooperation in transport files, cultural and scientific exchange, and benefiting from bilateral experiences.
    "Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein discussed with his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita, who is currently visiting Iraq, a number of issues related to bilateral relations and raising the level of common interests between the two countries to broad horizons, and discussed facilitating the granting of entry visas to Iraqis to Morocco, and Moroccans to Iraq," ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on Sunday.

    He added that "the two sides also discussed possible mechanisms to reactivate the direct air route linking Baghdad and Rabat, and this issue will be discussed by the concerned authorities between the two countries in the near future, and meetings of the Iraqi-Moroccan Joint Committee will be held to shed light on a number of files and issues of common interest, and this file will be at the forefront of issues that are discussed and put in place of implementable mechanisms."
    He continued, "The foreign ministers of Iraq and Morocco stressed that the achievement of this goal must be done in accordance with the legal and consular protocol mechanisms that will be agreed upon during the next few period, as a number of mechanisms will be developed that provide for facilitating the granting of visas and finding clear mechanisms for them, and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, as far as the consular side is concerned, will follow the issue with interest to move it into effect."
    He added that "among the topics discussed the importance of focusing on cultural and scientific exchange and the development of expertise in various sectors and aspects, and the two ministers gave great importance to the issue of attracting capabilities and expertise of the two countries in various aspects, which is reflected in strengthening the capabilities of sectoral bodies in the two countries."
    He pointed out that "the cooperation between Baghdad and Rabat confirms the fact that the diplomatic relationship between the two sides has moved to a new level and a new generation that expresses common interests in light of Iraq's financial abundance, strategic location, human resources and natural resources, as well as the pivotal role played by Iraq at the regional and international levels, as well as the Arab depth that binds the two countries."
    "The course of any diplomatic relation between the two countries will emphasize the importance of activating popular diplomacy between the two sides, in the sense that community activities and capacities in public opinion take their way of communicating and building ideas and joint programs with their counterparts on the Moroccan side, and the basis for this is activating the level of cultural exchange, the level of relations and programs that raise the level of strengthening the positive relations and promote projects of brotherhood and solidarity between the two brotherly peoples," he said.