Capturing the second official of the so-called Diwan al-Hisba of ISIS in Kirkuk

  • 14-01-2023, 11:46
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    The Directorate of Military Intelligence-DMI announced on Saturday, capturing the second official at the so-called Diwan al-Hisbah of ISIS terrorist gangs in Kirkuk Governorate.
    The Directorate stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “Based on accurate intelligence information of the Division (Intelligence and Security) of the 14th Division, and in cooperation with intelligence and a force from the Ninety-sixth Brigade, an ambush was set up in Al-Zab district of Al-Hawija.”
    The statement added, "The ambush resulted in the arrest of a criminal terrorist who was one of the officials in the so-called Diwan al-Hisba for terrorist members of ISIS in Hawija district," noting that "she was duly handed over to the concerned authorities."