Foiling an attempt to smuggle (12) containers that caused waste of public money at the port of Umm Qasr Al-Awsat

  • 28-11-2022, 13:20
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    The Border Ports commission (BPC) announced on Monday, that it had foiled an attempt to smuggle (12) containers, which caused a waste of public money, at the port of Umm Qasr Al-Awsat.

    A statement of BPC received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that " BPC continues to monitor and check all goods and materials entering through its border crossings to prevent smuggling attempts and waste of public money, the Umm Qasr Al-Awsat Port Directorate managed to seize (12) containers of size 40 feet carrying (milk) in violation of import terms and conditions.”

    The statement added, "During the audit of the customs transactions completed in the search and investigation gate, it was found that there was a difference in weights, a change in the description of the goods, and the forgery of some documents in the customs transaction, which caused a waste of public money in an amount of (27,310,000) dinars for the value of customs duties and taxes."

    It continued, “The fundamental seizure was organized and the materials and customs treatment were referred to Umm Qasr Customs Police Station to present the matter before Umm Qasr the investigating judge to take the legal measures against them."