Romanowski : USA obliged to provide $ 550 million to Iraq over five years

  • 23-11-2022, 12:21
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    INA-  Baghdad

    American ambassador to Iraq Alina Romanowski said in a press conference after signing the agreement of grant for development goals which obliges USA to provide $ 550 million to Iraq over five years, that “this agreement is an unprecedented milestone for the bilateral relations between USA and Iraq that our partnership reinforces our common goals of a more stable and prosperous Iraq that serves all its people."
    Romanowski added that USA is a committed partner to Iraq since 2003 which helped in stabilizing the country, pointing out that in accordance with this agreement, Washington is obliged to provide nearly $550 million over the next five years to enhance economic growth, increase citizens' confidence and participation in democratic governance, address the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations, and address the effects of climate change."

    She added that this agreement will enable us to support our Iraqi counterparts in meeting the most necessary needs of the country, and will also enable both the United States Agency for International Development USAID and the Iraqi ministry of planning to set plans and priorities in developing the country.

    She also added that years of conflict affected Iraq’s ability to provide services to all citizens, pointing out that “our mutual goal is supporting economic growth in Iraq, strengthening democratic institutions and dealing with climate change in addition to helping vulnerable people in Iraq.”

    She confirmed that "this agreement is the beginning of the cooperative relationship between the USAID and the Ministry of Planning, and this is what we look forward to," pointing out that "the United States remains committed to strengthen bilateral relations and we will continue to support Iraq and work together to increase stability and economic investment opportunities."