MOC stresses the necessity of lifting the transgressions on the archaeological lands

  • 19-11-2022, 17:14
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    The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Fakak Al-Badrani, stressed today, Saturday, the need to lift the transgressions on archaeological lands.

    A statement by the ministry, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated, "Al-Badrani pledged to the people of Nineveh to reconstruct the archaeological wall of Nineveh," stressing that "the ministry's cadres are working to continue the reconstruction of the wall in accordance with the specifications and standards of antiquities.

    He added, "The reconstruction process began at the beginning of this year by the Nineveh Antiquities and Heritage Inspectorate, but a Mosul donor volunteered last May with 20 meters of construction, and work was done to complete it after the excavation teams completed the construction of the wall (the fourth course) according to the specifications and standards established by Public Antiquities Authority.

    The minister stressed that "the cadres and staff of the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage will work to follow up the issue of the remaining part of the wall, and rebuild it in a manner that is appropriate to the importance and role of the civilizational and historical city of Nineveh, by making it the center of attention of Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners.".

    Al-Badrani pledged, according to the statement, that "the cadres of the Ministry of Culture and the General Authority for Antiquities will continue to work hard together to reconstruct the important archaeological wall, which is a landmark in Nineveh.".

    The statement continued, "Bab Shams is one of the four gates of the ancient city of Nineveh, and it is the most prominent remains of its archaeological wall, as historical documents indicate that the Assyrian wall was established in 1080 BC to protect the borders of the Assyrian empire."