6 deaths and 16 injuries in the explosion in Sulaymaniyah

  • 17-11-2022, 21:47
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    Our correspondent reported that the explosion that occurred in the city of Sulaymaniyah, this evening, occurred in the Kwiza 3 residential complex due to the explosion of the LPG gas system, and caused the demolition of 3 homes, the death of 6 people, and the injury of 16 people.

    The reporter of the Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted eyewitnesses as saying, "More than 20 people were present in the house in which the accident occurred, and 8 people were evacuated to the hospital, and there are currently between 10-12 people, including children, under the rubble."

    The Civil Defense in Sulaymaniyah reported that 10 teams are working to rescue those trapped under the rubble of the explosion.