New 4 gas sites awaiting investment in Anbar 

  • 24-09-2022, 16:13
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    Governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan, explained today, Saturday, the reasons for stopping work on the crutch gas field project, and while he expected close official moves in this regard, he confirmed the finding of 4 new gas sites awaiting investment.

    Farhan told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the crutch field is one of the strategic and important fields in Iraq, and it was previously transferred to a Korean company, but it was stopped due to ISIS terrorist gangs and the events that Iraq went through and caused some damage.".

    He added, "The contract was later settled with the Ministry of Oil, as well as with the company, and we have many ongoing meetings with members of Parliament, specifically the Parliamentary Energy Committee, in order for this project to be completed and completed.".

    He pointed out that "the Ministry of Oil can conclude a new contract to complete the project and maintain it, but there are stalled talks despite our going to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the Ministries of Oil and Planning in an attempt to activate the project as it is considered strategic not only for Anbar Governorate, but for the whole of Iraq.".

    He stressed that "there is an agreement to invest the field, but the steps are slow, and we call for accelerating them by taking serious steps to exploit this very important field, which would supply the country with large quantities of gas.".

    He continued, "We are continuing to follow up the issue with the Ministry of Oil, and we expect very soon that there will be serious and practical steps regarding the operation of gas," noting that "the Oil Exploration Company has discovered since 2019 more than one gas field in southern Rawa, as well as Anah and in Nukhaib, and also in Tharthar areas, which represents an encouraging addition to the quantities of gas in the governorate in general.”