Iraq discusses several important files with Iran

  • 14-09-2022, 16:11
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    The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Wednesday, the details of its participation in the IFarm exhibition that was held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, while confirming the discussing  of several important files with the Iranian side, especially water, border control and import restrictions.


    "The ifarm agricultural exhibition, which was held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, included holding a dialogue seminar for the participating countries, in order to discuss all agricultural fields and the possibility of cooperation between the participating countries in the process of technical, technical and commercial exchange in the field of agricultural products," Ministry spokesman Hamid Al-Nayef told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).


    "There was a discussion between the representatives of the participating countries, to develop the agricultural sector, where everyone praised the size of the wide participation in this exhibition with the latest technologies in the field of mechanization and various equipment, including the mechanism of installing greenhouses according to modern methods, as well as agricultural aircraft of various specializations to combat Agricultural pests, in addition to modern irrigation systems," Al-Nayef added.


    "The delegation of the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture had important issues, foremost of which is the water crisis and its decline, and finding possible means to sustain agricultural areas and achieve food security for citizens, and discussions were held with stakeholders in the agricultural and water sector in Iran regarding cutting off the Iranian tributaries that It flows into the Tigris River, which has deprived Diyala province of the agricultural plan," he stressed.

    He explained, "The Iraqi delegation stressed during the symposium the need to adhere to border control in the field of agricultural products and not to allow the entry or export of Iranian agricultural products to Iraq, because they were abundant locally inside Iraq and prevented them from being imported according to the agricultural calendar. Iranian agricultural companies were also invited to participate in agricultural exhibitions." In Iraq, with the aim of transferring modern technologies and exchanging advanced technology."



    The IFarm Agricultural Exhibition was inaugurated Yesterday, Monday morning,  in the Iranian capital, Tehran, with the participation of 140 local and international agricultural companies with various specializations.