A large-scale security operation launched in Nineveh

  • 13-09-2022, 11:27
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces -PMF announced on Tuesday, launching of a large-scale security operation in Nineveh province.
    “Nineveh Operations Command of PMF launched today a broad security operation to pursue the terrorist remnants of ISIS in Badush district and Jazirat al-Hadr in the city of Mosul," PMF said in a statement, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement added, “The operation was launched with two axes. The first included: Badush axis, north of Mosul, and its duties were commissioned to the army, the 59th brigade of PMF, and the second, Jazirat al-Hatr axis, south of Mosul, that its duties were commissioned to the army and the 44th brigade of PMF."