Iraq enjoys a high degree of security, Daesh has lost the initiative: CTS

  • 9-09-2022, 13:58
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    The Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) confirmed on Friday, that Iraq enjoys a high degree of security, and the terrorist gangs of Daesh have lost the initiative.
    “In the past, there was a large influx of terrorists from the Syrian border, but now, with the presence of reinforcements, the situation on the border is better and more stable,"said Spokesman for CTS, Sabah Al-Numan, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He pointed out that "the Iraqi defense system is now in control of the borders with neighboring countries," noting that "Iraq today enjoys a high degree of security compared to what it was during the past years."
    Al-Numan added that "CTS has qualitative operations on a daily basis in all regions that represent daily and proactive operations that have enhanced the security capabilities and the security situation."