16 arrested on various charges in two governorates: SMC

  • 24-08-2022, 13:28
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    The Security Media- SMC announced Wednesday the arrest of 16 wanted persons on charges of terrorism and human and drug trafficking in two governorates.
    A statement by SMC, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "the detachments of the Baghdad Intelligence and Security Directorate, affiliated with the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security, arrested one of those wanted by the judiciary in accordance with Article 6 of the Human Trafficking Law) in the Al-Hussainiya area, indicating that "the operation of the arrest was made through coordination with the eleventh division and the anti-crime detachment.
    it explained, that "other detachments of the Directorate were able to arrest two suspects trading in narcotic substances in one of Baghdad's regions, where they were found in possession of the narcotic crystal and tools used in drug use," noting that "the materials were confiscated and the accused were referred to the concerned authorities."

    In a separate context, the statement continued, "Based on accurate intelligence information from the Maysan Intelligence and Security Directorate, its detachments, in coordination with the Maysan Operations Command, were able to arrest two wanted persons for the judiciary in accordance with the provisions of Article (4 / terrorism), in Maimouna district and the other was arrested by setting up a tight ambush in one of the governorate's checkpointys, as the necessary measures were taken against them and referred to the judiciary.

    On the other hand, the statement stated, "The security sectors in the Baghdad Operations Command continue to pursue terrorist elements, and were able to arrest (11) accused according to various legal articles, including one accused according to Article 4/1 of terrorism.

    It explained, "Accurate intelligence information was received stating that one of the terrorists was within the responsibility sector, that Immediately a joint working team was formed and in a tight ambush, he was arrested in the Latifiya / Shakha 2 area, south of Baghdad."

    The statement also pointed out, "A gang of thefts consisting of two suspects was arrested according to judicial arrest warrants issued against them in a checkpoint in Karkh.
    The statement confirmed, "The arrested and were handed over to the competent authorities to complete the legal procedures against them."