Iraq: Efforts for a joint cinematic work with Iran

Culture and art
  • 23-07-2022, 21:30
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    Ministry of Culture announced on Saturday, signing a cinematic cooperation agreement with Iran, while confirming efforts to produce a joint cinematic work between the two countries.

    The Minister of Culture Hassan Nadhim, said at a press conference held in Baghdad during signing a cinematic cooperation agreement between Iraq and Iran, which was attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency - INA, "Today, we open the Iranian Cinema Week and welcome the distinguished guests of the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Guidance and the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad," noting, "We were in Tehran a while ago on an official visit with the advanced staff of the ministry, and it was agreed to work in joint cooperation for various activities,"

    "There are features of joint action framed by the memorandum signed now, the most important of which is that Iraqi cinemas to be attended in Tehran and a joint cinematic production between the two countries to be made," he added.

    In turn, Director of the Cinema and Theater Department, Ahmed Hassan Musa, said at the press conference, "the Department of Cinema and Theater in Iraq with the Film, Audio-Visual Organization in Iran, and under the guidance of the Minister of Culture, signs a joint cinematic cooperation agreement," noting that "the Department of Cinema and Theater in Iran Cinema and theater have coordinated with Arab and international bodies by signing joint agreements."

    He pointed out that "the terms of the agreement with Iran are to proceed to the production of a joint fiction film between Iraq and Iran, provided that the staff is divided equally between Iraqi and Iranian artists, as well as to joint workshops and training Iraqi youth for the art of make-up, product and animation cinema."

    "The Iranian side made great offers, including the establishment of cinemas in Baghdad, the preparation of other theaters with regard to devices and equipment, and the establishment of an institute to train young capabilities in the cinema," he included.