INSS arrests 21 terrorists in four governorates

  • 22-05-2022, 13:19
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    Security Media Cell announced Sunday the arrest of 21 terrorists in four governorates.

     A statement by the cell, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "according to accurate intelligence information, the Iraqi National Security Agency continues its qualitative operations to pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, as the detachments of the device, after obtaining judicial approvals, carried out a series of operations that included the arrest of six terrorists in Nineveh Governorate, in addition to dismantling a terrorist network in Anbar province that included five terrorist elements belonging to the so-called al-Anbar sector and working as a security detachment.

    It continued, "Four terrorist elements were arrested in Diyala province, who confessed providing logistical support to ISIS gangs in the Hamrin Mountains area, in addition to the arrest of six terrorists in Kirkuk working within what is known as the Diwan al-Jund, including a leader of ISIS who entered the province with a false identity, and he is one of the responsible for blowing up oil pipelines.

    It pointed out that "the statements of the accused were duly written down and all of them were referred to the competent judicial authorities to take the necessary measures against them."