Al-Fayyad discusses in Kirkuk efforts to combat ISIS and achieve stability

  • 12-05-2022, 14:13
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    Head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad, discussed Thursday efforts to combat ISIS and achieve stability in Kirkuk, while Governor Rakan Saeed al-Jubouri announced his support for securing thermal cameras, opening roads and cleaning drains.

    Reporter of the Iraqi News Agency (INA) said that : "The head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh Al-Fayyad, arrived today in Kirkuk Governorate, and discussed with Governor Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri and the commander of the advanced headquarters for joint operations in Kirkuk, Lieutenant-General Ali Al-Fariji, the security efforts to eliminate the remnants of ISIS identified in some locations and strengthen communication, support and coordination, in addition to consolidate peace and stability in the governorate.

     Al-Fayyadh indicated that "the governor of Kirkuk is working according to a balanced policy and a great effort to support the security forces to achieve stability," stressing that "the security situation has improved significantly compared to last year, and this is evidence of cooperation and joint effort."

     In turn, the governor of Kirkuk praised during the meeting, "the presence of the commander of the northern axis, Abu Rida al-Najjar, and the operations assistant, Abu Thaer al-Bashir, and the sacrifices of the security forces of all kinds and formations," praising the "effort, dealing and cooperation of the Popular Mobilization to achieve stability."

    He explained, "The governorate supports the security forces and worked to support them by securing thermal cameras, opening roads, cleaning drains and constructing buildings for them, stressing that we are dealing as one team."

     During the meeting, Lieutenant-General Ali Al-Fraiji reviewed the successes of the security forces and their continued role in chasing down terrorist remnants, praising the efforts, work and sacrifices of the Popular Mobilization in achieving security and stability, as well as the efforts and role of the Governor of Kirkuk and his support for the security forces.