UN calls on Iraq to amend laws on domestic violence and terrorism

  • 31-03-2022, 15:21
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    The United Nations Human Rights Committee called on Iraq to amend laws on domestic violence and terrorism.   

    A statement by the committee, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated, "We are concerned about legislative provisions in the Iraqi criminal law, such as those related to rape, which provide for a reduced sentence for so-called honor crimes in certain circumstances, which are still discriminatory against women."

     The statement called on Iraq to "accelerate the adoption of the domestic violence bill and review its domestic legislation to abolish or amend all provisions that discriminate against women and allow violence against them."

    With regard to the anti-terrorism law, the statement clarified that "the committee urges Iraq to ensure that its anti-terrorism legislation is in line with international human rights standards, particularly by defining terrorism more accurately."

    "We call on Iraq to refrain from imposing the death penalty for some crimes that fall under the anti-terror law," he added.