Russian doctor warned about the risk of loss of vision due to COVID-19

  • 25-01-2022, 19:01
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    Patients with COVID-19 can lose their sight completely due to damage to large and small vessels. This risk was warned by an ophthalmologist, chief physician of the “Clinic of Dr. Shilova”, expert of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Tatyana Shilova, her words leads
    The specialist explained that the smallest vessels are in the eyes, so ischemic insufficiency in the form of thrombosis can lead to complete loss of vision.
    “If the central main trunk of the eye is damaged, then the person loses even light perception. If there is a branch, then there is a partial loss of vision, ”said the Russian doctor.
    The problem, according to the expert, can arise both during the period of the disease and during the post-covid syndrome. It is necessary to respond to it within a few hours, by analogy with heart attacks and strokes.
    Earlier, Andrey Isaev, Director General of the Scientific Center for Molecular Genetic Research “DNKOM”, called the “gateway” for the penetration of the Omicron strain into the body. In his opinion, they can be eyes, since the development of conjunctivitis is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection.
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