The electrical linking with Saudi Arabia in final stages, and a move to include Iraq in World Trade Organization

  • 24-01-2022, 00:05
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    The Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council announced today, Sunday, serious discussions regarding investment in Samawah, and indicated that the electrical linking projects with Iraq are in its final stages, indicating the move to include Iraq within World Trade Organization. 

    The Secretary-General of the Council and Governor of the Saudi General Authority for Foreign Trade, Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed Al-Harbi, that "the formation of the Coordination Council between Iraq and Saudi Arabia came in order to strengthen relations, as it includes all fields and opportunities for cooperation between the two countries, including the Iraqi and Saudi private sectors, and the aim of the council is to help young people to create real job opportunities as well as contribute to the developmental aspects of the Iraqi people," he said.  

    He added, "The continuous meetings between the Iraqi and Saudi leaderships contributed to following up on all achievements of the Coordinating Council and supporting all the agreements," noting that "Arar road project is one of the pivotal projects that have been completed, and it is the first direct land line, and it is one of the means for commercial outlets between the two countries."  


    And he indicated that "Saudi investments in Iraq, including  Samawa area, are in serious discussions to determine the locations of the lands in which Saudi projects will invest and find appropriate options," explaining that "the electrical connection projects with Iraq are in its final stages, and we may announce them soon." 

    He explained that "work is underway to complete the sports city in Iraq, which is the king's gift to the Iraqi people," noting that "the projects that will be implemented in Iraq are not temporary, but sustainable." 

    Al-Harbi added that "Saudi Arabia is working to support Iraq and trying to include it within World Trade Organization, where Saudi Arabia chairs the Arab group," noting that "we support Iraq to join that world organization and we are ready to provide technical and tactical support and convince countries to do so."