MMD: Iraqi delegation visits Germany to discuss those stranded at Belarusian border

  • 8-12-2021, 19:41
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    Ministry of Migration and Displacement - MMD revealed an upcoming visit of an Iraqi delegation from three ministries to Germany and the European Union to discuss the situation of Iraqis stranded at the Belarus borders, while confirming that the number of the stranded is unknown so far.

    "Efforts are ongoing for the voluntary return of Iraqis stranded in Belarus. The Ministry worked towards putting pressure on international organizations and the governments of those countries in order to find solutions for them," said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Migration and Displacement, Ali Jahakir in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA). 

    He pointed out that "there will be a delegation representing three ministries; MMD, MOFA and transport that will go to Germany and the European Union to discuss the situation of those stranded between the two countries and the need to preserve their lives and arrange their legal status,"

    "There is no accurate information about the number of Iraqis stranded between the borders because those who traveled, some of them had a fundamentalist visa for the purpose of tourism, and it is not known if they returned or were suspended, and some of them traveled illegally," he noted.

    He added, "The tasks of the Iraqi ministries are divided between foreign affairs, transport and immigration, and we are working on the file of international organizations and embassies by putting pressure on them," explaining that "international organizations are working with the ministry to pressure the relevant governments in Poland and others to arrange the Iraqis' status within international standards to preserve their lives and decide their fate,"