Al-Saadi: We will surprise remnants of terrorism with a new security tactic

  • 6-12-2021, 18:03
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    The head of the Counter-Terrorism Service, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Wahhab Al-Saadi, confirmed today, Monday, the continued pursuit and elimination of the remnants of Daesh gangs in all areas of the country. 

    Al-Saadi told the Iraqi News Agency, "The remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs are trying to achieve a media win that has no reality, through attempts to attack to the security services, especially in Dayala and Kirkuk". 

    He added, "The forces of the Counter-Terrorism Service and the security services have a new tactic with which we will surprise the remnants of terrorism, to purge all the areas where Daesh is trying to find a foothold". 

    Al-Saadi praised the great role played by the clans in supporting the security services and not allowing terrorists to tamper with the security of the citizen.