Iraqi ports define a mechanism for lifting maritime obstacles 

  • 3-12-2021, 20:27
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    Baghdad - INA - Nassar Al-Hajj 

    The Ministry of Transport revealed today, Friday, a mechanism for lifting maritime obstacles near the ports, while confirming the lifting of more than 1,400 tons of marine sinks last week. 

    A spokesman for the Ports Company, Anmar Al-Safi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the marine rescue department of the General Company for Iraqi Ports cleans all navigational channels, whether what impedes navigation, impedes docking or distorts the beauty of the canal or city," noting that "the process of The excavation is continuing, as two drowned seas were recovered, the first with 600 tons and the other 800 tons, at the head of the Harir Tunnel or the new commissioner’s tunnel that was dug to the port of Faw and the link to the port of Faw and Umm Qasr in the Khor Al Zubair region. 

    He added, "The Iraqi Maritime Rescue Department of the General Company is continuing the recovery process, where the crane (Abu Dhar) was used, which has a tonnage of 2000 tons," noting that "the crane (Abu Dhar) is rare and there is none in the Arab Gulf region, as well as The Arab region, where this crane is characterized by high capabilities that distinguish it from cranes in regional countries that reach 1500 tons, while the crane (Abu Dhar) has a high capacity, and is usually operated to lift large sinking vessels such as ships, suspended tugs, and others. As for the other drownings, there is the crane (Hamrin). ) and other cranes that carry out the task of lifting the rest of the sunkens.