International and continental support for judo federation

  • 28-11-2021, 10:48
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    Iraqi Judo Federation Vice President Uday al-Rubaie confirmed the support of the international and continental federations to contribute to the continuity of the development of the game in Iraq in recent years, this came on the sidelines of the Grand Slam currently being held in Abu Dhabi.
    "The international and Asian federations have promised to provide logistical and technical support and contribute to the contracting of coaches from the International Federation to work with Iraqi teams," al-Rubaie said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on Sunday.
    For his part, FIFA President Marius Vizer confirmed that he will send representatives to Iraq to be present while hosting the Arab Championship in May next year in order to monitor Iraq's ability to host sports forums in the coming period.
    AFC President Obaid al-Anzi expressed his great happiness at the return of the activities of the Iraqi Federation after a period of absence, stressing that the establishment of the Arab Championship in Iraq will be a good gesture, to submit a file to host an Asian championship in the near future and this file will be supported by the international and Asian federations.