Thwarting an ISIS plot targeting Baghdad 

  • 25-11-2021, 14:56
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    The Popular Mobilization Authority announced today, Thursday, the thwarting of an ISIS plot to target Baghdad. 

    A statement by the Popular Mobilization, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "the 27th Brigade in the Popular Mobilization managed to seize three logistical caches of ISIS containing war projectiles, missiles and large ammunition during the past 48 hours, west of the capital, Baghdad," noting that "terrorist elements, were It intends to use these weapons to carry out its attacks on the security of the capital.” 

    He explained, "The seizure operation came during security and intelligence operations carried out by a special force from the brigade on the island of Karma, during which it succeeded in seizing a large cache of ISIS elements near Al-Shiha Bridge, which includes a stack of heavy and medium ordnance and mortar bombs, as well as logistical equipment that terrorist groups are working to save.". 

    Throughout the past period, in preparation for criminal operations targeting the capital, Baghdad, according to information. 

    He added, "The force from the 27th Brigade found two caches of equipment, weapons, and various other materials used by ISIS elements within the eastern Anbar sector."