MOE: Iraq is among most affected countries by climate change

  • 24-11-2021, 20:32
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    Ministry of Environment - MOE confirmed on Wednesday, that Iraq was ranked among the five countries in the world most affected by climate change, while noting that the major industrialized countries will support developing countries with one hundred billion dollars annually.
    “The ministry worked through a committee called the National Committee on Climate Change, which is one of the countries' obligations towards Paris Agreement, in addition to a national authority called the Green Climate Fund," said the Minister of Environment, Jassim Al-Falahi, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He noted that “there are financing mechanisms for it was linked to the Paris Agreement to compensate developing and less developed countries for the damages of climate change, which resulted over 300 years of industrial activity for developed countries,”
    “The Iraqi delegation was working hard because the responsibility to confront global warming is a shared responsibility worldwide, but the responsibilities are different. The victim cannot be equated with the culprit, so we learned about this hypothesis, and funding funds were established to support developing and least developed countries, one of which is the Green Climate Fund with the support of $100 billion annually provided by the major industrialized countries to the developing and least developed countries,” he added.

    Al-Falahi pointed out that "Iraq has been classified by reports, experts and United Nations organizations as one of the five most affected countries in the world, and this will lead to our compensation, although we are classified within the World Bank's classifications as an oil country, but we took and presented evidence and evidence that our national conditions and needs, especially the massive destruction of infrastructure as a result of facing challenges from wars and liberating lands from the terrorist gangs of Daesh, which drained large sums of money,”
    "The climate change team was supervised by the United Nations through its development program. It contributed to financing and supporting the important document," he noted, stressing that "there is great understanding and support that we have felt from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, and this has become a reality for climate changes in all sectors of the ministries,"
    He included, "We commend the spirit of the participating Iraqi team and from all ministries, and each ministry was oriented towards the sector that is being discussed during the conference, and there is a clear vision of what was presented in the Iraqi national contribution, as we obtained funding to implement what was stated in the national contributions document," 
    "We have a huge number of plans and programs, and the problem is not in the plans, but in their implementation and application, yet we are determined, within time limits, to implement our commitments and the contributions document," he explained, stressing that, “the national contributions document was approved and voted on by the Cabinet, and it is a national document that represents the country's supreme policy towards climate change,"