Capturing a drug dealer east of Baghdad, SMC says

  • 23-11-2021, 11:24
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    The Security Media Cell announced today, Tuesday, capturing a drug dealer east of Baghdad.
    "Based on accurate intelligence information that there is a drug dealer in Al-Rashad area, east of the capital, a force from the Eleventh Infantry Division, in coordination with the Intelligence and Security Operations Department of Baghdad, from the 15th Commando Division, began working Under the command of the 42nd Infantry Brigade and a detachment from the Drugs Division of Sadr City, headed there and captured the suspect, who is  a drug dealer, arrested in possession of (3) kilograms of the narcotic crystal and a Beretta M9 , as he handed over, along with the seized items, to the competent authorities to take all the legal measures against him", SMC said in a statement , received by The Iraqi News Agency(INA).