Lebanese MOE: The file of granting Iraqis forged certificates is under investigation 

  • 18-11-2021, 18:52
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    Beirut - INA - Amin Nasser 

    The Lebanese Minister of Education and Higher Education, Abbas Al-Halabi, confirmed today, Thursday, that his ministry has taken legal and administrative measures to deal and verify the file of granting universities in his country fake certificates for Iraqi students. 

    Al-Halabi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), in his first statement after his appointment as an investigative committee on the issue of thousands of Iraqi students receiving high Lebanese degrees, and suspicions about selling and trading them, that "the ministry took administrative and legal measures, and the dimensions of the case were presented to the Parliamentary Education Committee." . 

    He added, "This file is under follow-up and is currently in the processing stage, so it is currently refraining from making any statement, because the required elements and data have not yet been completed.". 

    Al-Halabi added, "The Ministry is keen on the reputation of Lebanon's universities, their certificates, and the students who are duly registered and obtained their certificates in an orderly manner," as he put it. 

    The Lebanese minister stated that he was "constantly communicating with his Iraqi counterpart to boycott the information and cooperate to reach the conclusions of this file," stressing that "if necessary, he will go to Baghdad to discuss this issue.". 

    Earlier, the Lebanese Ministry of Education vowed to prosecute forgers of certificates from Iraqi students and universities, if forgery was proven. 

    The Lebanese Minister of Education and Higher Education Abbas Al-Halabi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "falsifying diplomas is a criminal offense that the ministry can pursue criminally, in addition to disciplinary penalties that include financial fines, which amount to closing the complicit university and not recognizing it."